Daofile Premium – A Top File Hosting Provider

Daofile.com is a cloud storage platform worth joining. The website has everything you need to transfer, store, and access your files safely and securely from wherever you are. Moreover, Daofile.com Premium provides amazing tools that you can use for a seamless cloud computing experience.

The world is advancing at a very fast rate as far as technology is concerned. Besides, we are living in a digital era where everything revolves around science and technology.

With that said, one of the most convenient developments right now is cloud computing. With this invention, you can store your important files and documents in a remote server and access them later from anywhere whenever you need them.

You can also share your files with your friends and business associates easily. This means you do not have to struggle with carrying physical storage devices such as pen drives and external hard disks anymore.

What is even more amazing is you can store any type of files in cloud storage, ranging from audio and videos to photos and documents. In addition, cloud storage is extremely safe and secure.

The greatest challenge remaining is choosing the ideal cloud storage platform. Is Daofile.com the right platform? Let’s find out.

What is daofile.com?

Daofile.com is an online platform that provides free and premium file hosting services. The storage platform essentially offers a wide range of tools you can use to backup, access, and share your files easily from the comfort of your home or office.

Founded more than 8 years ago, it is one of the oldest and most solid cloud storage platforms still active today. Initially, the company started as a web host, but later rebranded into a file hosting platform.

Remarkably, Daofile.com allows web users to upload and download files without having to sign up. However, we suggest you become a registered user to enjoy what this platform has to offer.

daofile.com homepage

Signing up with Daofile.com is 100 percent free. You do not have to pay a dime to become a member. With free membership, you can take a test run and learn how the platform works with no obligations to upgrade to Daofile premium.

Nevertheless, free membership has several restrictions, such as slower speeds and limited storage space. Moreover, you cannot download multiple files at the same time or use download managers if you are a free member. To enjoy unrestricted access, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to a Daofile.com premium account.

The most effective method to use Daofile.com

Operating a Daofile.com account is relatively easy. The platform makes it easy for registered users to upload, download, and manage files with no prior experience required. In fact, you can begin uploading your files right away from the homepage even before you log in into your account.

As if it’s not enough, Daofile.com allows you to access files from any device. You can transfer and manage your files using your PC, smartphone, laptops, or tablet.

Here are three methods you can use to transfer your files and documents on Daofile.com

File transfer protocol (FTP)

FTP is a file-transfer option that entails using a special piece of software called FTP client. Apparently, you have to install an FTP client in your device before you can upload files to cloud. One major benefit of using FTP is that it is extremely fast and ideal for transferring large, heavy files.

Browser upload

The second option is browser upload. This method is arguably one of the easiest ways to transfer files on Daofile.com. You just need to click on the “upload” button, which is located at the top left of your dashboard to select and upload the files you intend to store.

Remote upload

As suggested by its name, remote upload is a method that allows web users to upload files from anywhere other than the local host. This option allows you to send a link that instructs the service provider (Daofile.com) to fetch your files from a remote location.

Conversely, downloading files is similarly fast and straightforward. Since Daofile premium is compatible with third-party download managers, you can use programs such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) and Download Accelerator to download your files quickly and seamlessly.

Alternatively, you can go straight away to the download link generated by Daofile.com and then click on it to start the downloading process.

Is daofile.com safe?

Daofile.com is 100 percent safe. The company has devoted a large sum of money to curb piracy and fraudulent activities on the platform.

Some of the security measures enforced include:

  • Inhibiting the opening of multiple accounts at once
  • Banning anyone uploading files that violate copyright laws
  • Using SSL encryption for all file transfers
daofile payment safe

Daofile.com free membership

The reason why Daofile.com is so popular with web users than other platforms is that it has plenty of exciting features. Besides, becoming a Daofile.com premium account holder comes with even more amazing benefits.

Firstly, the user interface is simple and very easy to use. Apparently, you can upload, download, and access all your important data quickly and seamlessly thanks to this navigable and user-friendly design.

In addition, Daofile.com allows members to synchronize their files with cloud using a special piece of software known as UDrive. You may also use the UDrive client to synchronize your desktop for easy transfer of files between the host computer and the virtual server.

Another benefit of using Daofile.com is that it supports multiple languages. You can transfer your files to this platform easily, even if English is not your native language. Supported languages include German, French, Turkish, and Spanish.

Daofile.com premium benefits

Other vital benefits available to premium members only include:

Unlimited storage space

When you sign up with Daofile.com as a free user, you can only access up to 49 GB of storage. This is somewhat inconvenient, especially if you intend to store videos, movies, and music files larger than 2 GB. Signing up with Daofile premium can save you from this problem as it offers unlimited storage space to all paying members.

Simultaneous downloads

The essence of joining a cloud storage platform like Daofile.com is the ability to store and access files quickly. Unfortunately, you cannot download multiple files at once if you are a free member. You have to upgrade to Daofile premium to enjoy simultaneous downloads.

Quick downloads with no waiting times

With free membership, you are bound to experience slow download speeds whenever you want to transfer or share your files. In addition, you have to wait for about 30 seconds before your initialized download can begin. Thankfully, this is not the case with premium membership.

Ad-free downloads

Free members have to contend with dozens of advertisements and pop-ups when uploading or download files. Upgrading your account to Daofile.com Premium will ensure that you avoid these annoying ads.

Download manager compatible

With Daofile premium, you can download files and documents using your favorite third party download manager. Daofile.com supports programs such as Internet Download Manager and Download Accelerator. These programs make it easy for you to transfer files without worrying about broken links or incomplete downloads.

Priority support

Daofile.com offers round the clock support to all its members. However, premium members seem to enjoy priority support compared to regular members

daofile premium

How to upgrade to daofile.com premium

As you already know, signing up with Daofile.com is free. However, free membership has several limitations thus, it is only logical that you upgrade to Daofile Premium to enjoy unrestricted access to all services available.

The process of becoming a premium member is relatively easy. You may first register as a non-paying member before upgrading to Daofile.com Premium. Alternatively, you may purchase a premium account right away without going through the long and tedious registration process.

To register via email, go to Daofile.com and click on “Register.” Next, enter your name and address, and then go to your inbox to verify your email address by clicking the link provided. You will also receive a second email containing your account id and password.

From the members’ dashboard, click on “Upgrade to Premium” and select your preferred premium membership option.

The shortest route to become a premium member is to click on “register” and then select your preferred premium membership option. This route does not require you to enter your name or email. Daofile.com will obtain these details from your credit card once you complete your payment transaction.

Daofile.com premium rates

Daofile.com offers a variety of premium price plans to fit your needs and budget. You may choose to become a premium member for as short as 31 days or for as long as one year. Besides, for each price plan you choose, Daofile.com will credit your account with equivalent points, which you may use to enjoy various file hosting services.

31 Days90 Days365 Days999 Days
$0.64 per day$0.44 per day$0.24 per day$0.13 per day

What are the downsides of daofile.com premium account?

Like any other cloud storage platform, Daofile.com has its fair share of downsides. Firstly, the download speeds are not as fast as they should be. Even on premium membership, you will only experience average speeds when downloading files. Then again, Daofile.com has been facing challenges revolving around piracy and violation of copyright laws. The good news is the company is working tirelessly to resolve most of these issues.


How can I contact the support team?

The Daofile.com support team is available around the clock, 7 days a week. You may contact support by calling their hotline number or through email ticketing available on the website.

Can I pause or resume the download process?

You can only pause and resume downloads if you are a Daofile.com premium member. Free members are not eligible for this option.

What payment options are available?

Daofile.com accepts more than 10 different payment options. Some of the most popular payment options available include:

daofile payment methods

Help and support

In case you experience any challenges, you may contact support at any time. Daofile.com has an excellent help desk team that works round the clock to attend to member queries. You may reach support via a hotline number or email ticketing.

Besides, customer support is available in four languages, including German, English, French, and Turkish. With this in mind, you can rest assured you will receive the help you need even if you are not a native English speaker.